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  New York Times Bestselling Author Tara Janzen  

Inside Front Cover : Crazy Cool

“Kat,” he whispered against her lips, trying not to move too much for fear of what he might do, trying to extricate himself from her sweet grip, trying to find his brains, which he’d probably left in Roxanne, or maybe back at the Botanic Gardens. “Katya, honey. We have to stop.”

Hell, they should never have started. Not this, with the two of them backed up against the elevator wall, with her clothes going up and his coming off. It was crazy. His shirt was only half on, his pants unzipped, and he didn’t have a clue how she’d worked so fast.

“No,” she moaned. “It’s been so long, and no one has ever...“ Her mouth slid over his, her tongue getting him wet, her teeth taking a gentle nip. “No one like you.”

He didn’t need to know that - honestly.

Hawkins leaned on the fifth floor button and felt the old elevator restart its ascent. When it had changed direction and gone back down to the gallery, he didn’t have a clue. Probably somewhere between when she’d unbuttoned his last button and he’d completely lost his mind.